Sunday, 25 June 2017

The -ist List

This week for our Literacy Workshop we are investigating words that end with the suffix -ist.
We will be making an "-ist List."
The words we are looking for end with -ist and mean a person who is an expert, or practises or is involved in something.
Your challenge is to name the -ist word below then add you own -ist word for someone else to explain. Together we will create an "-ist List."

Sunday, 11 June 2017


The Word of the Week is astronomical. It has 2 meanings ... what are they?

Post a comment using astronomical in a sentence to show which meaning you are using.
Here is a clue ...

Hooray for Arrays

Post a comment to explain what an array is or a photo of one you have made or found.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Wild About Words

In Room 10 and 11 we are wild about words!
This week we are fascinated about the suffix -able.
Words that end with- able mean "able to be."

Here is my example - adorable, able to be adored. My granddaughters are adorable

Your challenge is to choose one of the -able words to explain and write in a sentence, or find your own word that ends with -able.

Here are some you can choose from ...     


Post a comment with your word, meaning and sentence. 😃

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Questions, questions, questions

During our Literacy time this week we've been taking a close up look at questions.
What is a question?
Why do we use questions?
Are there different types of questions?
Are some better than others?
What makes a question?
Let's create a Question Chain. I'll start with my question, post a comment to answer my question then pose a question for others to answer. (Do this in the same blog comment.)
What is your favourite part of our new classroom?

Word of the Week - extraordinary

Our word of the week last week was 
and what an extraordinary word of the week it was.
Sophie, Micah and Lucas made it with the bananagram letters.
Post a comment below to show how you used our word of the week in a sentence.

Big Bug Invasion!

Last week an amazing thing happened in Room 10. A giant ant appeared on Mrs. Palfrey's laptop. Before we knew it more super-sized creatures had crawled along. Within minutes the laptop was crawling with creepy crawlies of all descriptions.
Where had they come from? What were they doing there? What is the story behind it?
Post a comment on the blog to explain the Big Bug Invasion.